A bifurcated object, or bifurcated artifact, is an artifact with at least two parts dependent on each other. Bifurcated objects produce odd results when introduced to neutralizer individually, likely because all of the artifact is not present. The non-present part is clear of the neutralizer, allowing it to remain active. For example, when Poe's notebook is introduced to neutralizer without the pen, the neutralizer turns it to ink instead of reducing the activity level like it would with single-object artifacts. When all of the bifurcated object is together, the artifact stops acting up as if it were doused in Neutralizer; whether this causes the artifact to become inert or just allows it to be controlled and used appropriately is unknown.[1]

Bifurcated artifacts tend to naturally want to be together and separating them is extremely unwise. For example, the quill pen and the notebook became extremely agitated when they where separated and took control of Myka's father and a university student in a desperate attempt to be rejoined with one another.

Some possible bifurcated objects could be the Aztec Bloodstone and its headdress, Excalibur and its stone, Robert Louis Stevenson's Bookends, Walter Winchell's Tie Clip and Cuff Links, Clara Barton's Gloves, and the Hatfield and McCoy Rifles. Another type of bifurcated artifact could be the Zeus and Hera statues which can't be together and must be separated or else they may cause unknown trouble, similar to an anti-bifurcated object. Some artifacts are just more than one of the same object, but aren't necessarily dependent on each other. Examples of these include W.C. Field's Juggling Balls, the Iceflower Fireworks, the Babel Stones, Carey Loftin's gloves, and Philio Farnsworth's Transmutational Three Dimensional Camera/Projector.


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