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The Baylor Dodgeball
Baylor Dodgeball (Cut)
Vital statistics
Effects Self-animating
Attacks unsuspecting people
Multiplies every time it hits someone
Source Fort Baylor
Danger Medium
Deactivation Must be caught in mid-flight
First Appearance Breakdown
Is it having babies?

The Baylor Dodgeball is a red ball that was once used for military training exercises at Fort Baylor.


Baylor dodgeball label

The ball has the ability to bounce on its own, and will propel itself at great velocity to strike people when they aren't looking at it, and multiplies on contact with someone. It was used at Fort Baylor for agility and dexterity training - because if you can dodge a ball, you can dodge a bullet. It was brought to the Warehouse in 1972 after it killed five Army cadets. It reverts to its original state and number when someone catches one of the balls. It's activated when it starts bouncing.

The ball was accidently activated when the AutoVac malfunctioned and pressed a button that cut a zip-line cord. The cord collided with the shelf the ball was on and caused it to be knocked off and begin bouncing. Pete and Myka were soon cornered by the balls, but Pete was able to successfully catch one of the balls before he and Myka were beaten to death by them. 

Baylor Dodgeball

A re-creation of the Display screen (in animated form) for the Baylor Dodgeball.


  • Also appears in the season 2 opening credits

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