The Artifact Tracker Football is a high-tech computer disgused as a 1920s-style leather football.


On the outside, it appears to be a brown leather football with frayed stitching. When opened with a special key, it reveals a steam-punk style mini computer with typewriter-style keys and copper circuitry.

Background and UsageEdit

The football first appeared when it flew towards Peter Lattimer on his first trip to Warehouse 13 in South Dakota where it flew at high speed and bounced off the Warehouse's outer wall above Pete's head. ("Pilot")

When thrown, the ball will attain remarkable speed and track down artifacts. While mostly harmless, it can inflict superficial injury or damage upon return, as evidenced in the opening of "The New Guy", when it dented the hood of ATF Agent Steve Jinks' Toyota Prius.

Warehouse 13 S04E01-21-28-07-.JPG
The football is an artifact which constantly gathers data on various other artifacts around the world as it travels in the air, and sends the information into the main Warehouse computer whenever it passes over the Warehouse. Whenever any artifact related activity happens any where in the world the football alerts the Warehouse with a, "Ping." Leena describes it as an "artifact tracker." It also contains a sophisticated database of artifact information which can be accessed using the attached keyboard. ("A New Hope")