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The Ancient Regent Sanctum was created by Warehouse 7 as a meeting place for the Regents. However, it was buried about a century ago and it's almost impossible to unlock.


It sits under present-day Hong Kong and can only be reached from within the basement of a restaurant that sits on top of it.

Wikia W13 - Regents' Sanctum

The Regents' Sanctum and portal

In the basement of the restaurant, there are Chinese symbols all over the walls. When the eye of Horus is pressed, a secret door will open. The Sanctum is located at the end of the hallway. In the room, there is a chess table with one chair, a blade hanging over it, and a pile of human skeletons all with cracked skulls. The game is a lock and to unlock it, all one has to do is win. However, this lock was designed by Caturanga, H.G. Wells's mentor at Warehouse 12, and chess was his favorite game because nobody could beat him. A metal clamp prevents the player from leaving until the game is over. If they win, they are released and the lock is opened, but if they lose, the large metal blade will drop on their head, and the pieces automatically reset for the next player. When playing, the visitor is white and the black pieces move by themselves. However, the game is fixed so that the only way to win is to bend the rules. Caturanga believed that sometimes in order to win, you have to make your own rules.

Effect of the Remati Shackle Edit

If the lock is opened and the Remati Shackle has been activated, a portal will open which leads into Warehouse 13. The portal acts as a kind of an emergency exit for the Regents. This portal can only be
Tyler sanctum chair

Tyler in chair

closed from the Warehouse side and is the only way to get in or out of the Warehouse when the Remati Shackle is active.

In Stand, Marcus Diamond shelled the Warehouse using Black Bart's Cannon, which caused Jane Lattimer to activate the Remati Shackle, in order to protect the Warehouse. At the same time, the chess game in the Ancient Regent Sanctum was won. This allowed an emergency portal to open between the Ancient Regent Sanctum and the Warehouse. Walter Sykes used this portal to get Collodi's Bracelet and return through the portal. However, Pete closed the portal before Sykes could fully get through, thereby killing him.

In A New Hope, before Pete closed the portal, Artie told Pete to bring back Sykes. Pete then brought back Sykes, and Artie used Gandhi's dhoti to remove the hatred from Sykes.

In Endless Terror, Paracelsus discovered way for the portal between the sanctum and the Warehouse to create a hole in time instead of space. Paracelsus combined H.G. Wells' Time Machine, Pierre-Simon Laplace's Telescope, Theodosius of Bithynia's Sun Dial, and Karl Schwarzschild's Pocket Watch and set this contraption of his up right next to the wall the portal originally appeared on when Walter Sykes invaded the Warehouse. These several artifacts together were able to open a portal in time that Paracelsus used to travel back to June 10th, 1541.

In Cangku Shisi, the alternate Benedict Valda was planning to move the Warehouse to China using Hiram Abiff's Tools and was on a private jet heading to Beijing. Pete, Myka, and Claudia knew that as soon as Valda strikes the corner stone of the new Warehouse 14 with the Setting Maul the entire Warehouse will be transferred so if they wanted to save Warehouse 13 they had to use the portal to beat Valda to China. 

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