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Analog Password Decoder
Analog Password Cracker
Vital statistics
Type Technology
Effects Decodes passwords
Danger Minimal
First Appearance Resonance

The analog password decoder is a cylindrical crytographic device used to bypass electronic entry systems requiring a password or some type of alpha-numeric code for access.


This password decoder is included in Arthur Nielsen's bag and was used to hack into Daniel Dickinson's private computer. It appears as a cylindrical device with a USB attachment. It looks like it was made well before the PC era. The same or a similar device is also used by Pete when he connects it to a hotel keycard to open the electronic locks there.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

The password decoder is not unlike the Enigma machine, perhaps the most well-known electro-mechanical cryptographic device in existence and invented at the end of World War I. It may also be a relative of the 1795 Jefferson Wheel cipher device.


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