Amy is a villainous saleswoman and a car thief from "The Big Snag."

Background Edit

Amy works as a saleswoman at a car dealership that has been selling stolen cars. She encounters Artie, Claudia, and Steve and is asked about a mysterious thief, who has been stealing cars and returning them to the dealership, but she sends them to her boss, who claims that the thief merely contacts him and gets him any car he wants.

Artifact Involvement Edit

After a stakeout ends with the thief escaping through the wall, and through Artie, the group figures an artifact has to be involved, later revealed to be Carey Loftin's Gloves. Claudia, who was hiding in the trunk of the car, went for the gloves, but at that moment, Amy turned heel and attacked Claudia; revealing herself as the thief while knocking a gun out of Claudia's possession with a tire iron. After the reveal, the villainous Amy continued her attack on Claudia, while ranting that cars shouldn't be locked up in garages. Amy later escaped with one of the gloves, while Artie grabbed the other one and went after her. The two engaged in a game of Chicken, which ended with Amy swerving and surrendering.

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