Amanda Martin (formerly Lattimer), is Pete Lattimer's ex-wife.


Amanda is a Major in the United States Marine Corps and is Pete's ex-wife who divorced him years before he joined the Warehouse. In episode 3.04 Queen For A Day, she visits Pete in Univille in order to ask him to return her grandfather's ring, because she wants to use it in her upcoming wedding to Michael Martin. During her visit she inadvertently opens Hatshepsut's Golden Bee Hive, which releases its golden bee. The bee finds its way into her handbag, forcing Pete and Myka to interrupt the impending wedding. Unbeknownst to Pete and Myka, Amanda has already been stung by the bee, activating the artifact's power. Pete and Myka are able, with Artie's assistance, to retrieve the stinger and deactivate the artifact. After completing the mission Pete and Myka are witnesses at Amanda's wedding to Michael.

She returns in the episode The Ones You Love in which she is sent Ignaty Gryniewietsky's Tattoo Box and because she touched the box the tattoo transferred to her body. Pete, desperate to stop brother Adrian from harming her, visited her and was able to find out about the tattoo that transferred to her skin and that it was going to make the person with the tattoo explode. The Tattoo was unfortunately transferred to Pete and, realizing that he was going to explode, he had her deliver him to a bomb shelter. Once there at the bomb shelter, she told Pete that she still loved him, before Pete went into the bomb shelter. She assumed that Pete was done for - however, he emerged unharmed, having transferred the tattoo back to the box.


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